8:00 AM - 8:40 AM

Lobbying Briefing

Erika L. Moritsugu, Vice President, Government Relations, ADL

Michael Lieberman, Washington Counsel, ADL

David Weinberg, Washington Representative for International Affairs, ADL

Sarah Woodbury, Operations and Field Outreach Coordinator

8:40 AM – 10:00 AM

Morning Plenary

Remarks - Marvin Nathan National Chair, ADL


On The Front Lines: Civil Rights in America – Activist Stories

Wajahat Ali, Journalist, writer, lawyer, playwright, TV host, and consultant for the U.S. State Department

Lacey Schwartz, Director of Outreach, North America, Be’chol Lashon

Roy Waterman, Criminal Justice Project Manager, JCPA

Mara Keisling, Founder and Executive Director, National Center for Transgender Equality

Moderator: Ari Ratner, Founder and CEO, Inside Revolution


What’s ADL’s Good Fight?

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO and National Director, ADL

10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Breakout Sessions

Bridging the Trust Gap: Strengthening Police-Community Relationships

We have seen an increase in public concern about the gap in trust between law enforcement and communities in America. Both police and communities have felt as though they’ve been under attack, misunderstood, and denied a voice. Hear from both law enforcement and community leaders about the challenges and strides being taken to bridge the divide.  


Myesha Braden, Director, The Criminal Justice Project at the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

Ronald L. Davis, Former Director, U.S. Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Services; Former Executive Director, President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing

Terrence M. Cunningham, Deputy Executive Director, International Association of Chiefs of Police

Moderator: David C. Friedman, Vice President, Law Enforcement and Community Security, ADL


Challenges to Church-State Separation:  Resisting Efforts to Redefine Religious Liberty

The First Amendment guarantee of religious freedom was designed as a shield, to protect and safeguard religious liberty.  Jews and other religious minorities have thrived in America because of our nation’s unique church-state separation.  Today, we face a significant challenge:  coordinated efforts to redefine religious freedom as a sword to designed to thwart laws that protect LGBT people and women – and discriminate against religious minorities.  This workshop will examine the latest challenges to protecting religious freedom in America – and what we and our coalition partners are doing to address this threat.


Rachel Laser, Executive Director, Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Amanda Tyler, Executive Director, Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty

Johnathan Smith, Legal Director, Muslim Advocates

Moderator: David Barkey, Southeastern & National Religious Freedom Counsel, ADL


When Hate is the Story: Covering Extremism

This panel will take a look at the obstacles faced by journalists who report on the day-to-day activities of extremists. It will examine the dangers these journalists face in shining a spotlight on this underbelly of society, as well as allow them to share their experiences on the beat of exposing hate. Oren Segal, Director for the Center on Extremism, will moderate the panel – featuring two veteran reporters of the extremist beat.


Caitlin Dickson, Senior Reporter, Yahoo News

Michael Edison Hayden, Reporter, Newsweek

Moderator: Oren Segal, Director, Center on Extremism, ADL


Shifting Alliances in the Middle East

The panel will examine the dynamics driving strategic changes in the region, including the Syrian conflict, the Saudi-Iran rivalry, the growing operational and political cooperation between Israel, Jordan and Egypt, as well as the Gulf states and Israel.  The panel will also consider opportunities and challenges for US Middle East policy.  


Natan Sachs, Director, Center for Middle East Policy, The Brookings Institution

Mira Kogen Resnick, Senior Professional Staff Member, House Committee on Foreign Affairs

Alireza Nader, Consultant for Iranian Affairs, ADL

David Weinberg, Washington Representative for International Affairs, ADL

Moderator: Susan Heller Pinto, Associate Director, International Affairs, ADL;  Director, Middle Eastern Affairs, ADL


The Face of Modern Anti-Semitism

We will discuss current manifestations of anti-Semitism around the world including in the political sphere, Jewish security and challenges to Jewish ritual observance.  


Ira Forman, Former U.S. Special Envoy to the Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism; Visiting Professor and Senior Fellow, Center for Jewish Civilization, Georgetown University

Nuno Wahnon Martins, Director of European Affairs, European Jewish Congress

Moderator: Andrew Srulevitch, Assistant Director, International Affairs and European Affairs, ADL


Best Practices for Combatting White Supremacy and Hate Crimes at the Federal, State and Local Levels

The facts are daunting:  a 57% increase in anti-Semitic incidents reported to ADL offices, including in schools and on campuses; a 19% increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes reported to the FBI, disproportionately-high violence directed against LGBT community members – and, in Charlottesville last summer, Tiki torches illuminating the largest white supremacist rally in more than a decade.  Experts in this workshop will discuss the nature and magnitude of hate and violent bigotry in America, with a clear focus on practical, effective policy and programmatic responses, including the US Conference of Mayor-ADL Mayors Compact.


Cynthia Deitle, Program and Operations Director, Matthew Shepard Foundation; Former Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Rue Landau, Executive Director, Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations Fair Housing Commission

Moderator: Michael Lieberman, Washington Counsel, ADL


Being Muslim in America in 2018: Challenges and Opportunities

A wide-ranging discussion with rising Muslim leaders about their personal experiences as Muslims in the United States today. Panelists will discuss  how they each address challenging times through different means including civil rights activism, media and interfaith entrepreneurship, as well as, what new opportunities lay ahead.

Ruwan Al-Rejoleh, Independent political consultant

Rabia Chaudry, Author, New York Times best-selling book, Adnan's Story

Moderator: Doron Ezickson, Regional Director, Washington DC Region, ADL


Addressing Anti-Semitism With Progressive Voices, in Progressive Spaces

In this session Jewish Leaders will discuss strategies used to respond to anti-Semitism and concerns of the Jewish community in progressive spaces while remaining committed to social justice movements, highlighting the importance of being in relationship with leaders who come from different communities. 


Stosh Cotler, CEO, Bend the Arc

Jacob Feinspan, Executive Director, Jews United For Justice

Sophie Ellman-Golan, Deputy Director of Communications and Outreach, Women’s March; Co-creator, Confront White Womanhood workshop

Moderator: Michele Freed, Associate Director, National Young Leadership, ADL

11:45 AM – 12:45 PM

Interactive Activities

Check Your Biases: Going Below the Waterline

During this interactive workshop, participants will dive into an open dialogue about how biases (conscious and unconscious) can affect the way people perceive identity. Participants will explore their own experiences with biases, how those experiences have affected the way they see themselves and other people, and constructive strategies to respond to biases.

Decoding Hate: Artificial Intelligence and Hate Speech Online Workshop

An interactive workshop where participants will meaningfully contribute to ADL’s work understanding hate online. Participants will review internet comments, and answer questions about them from their own perspective and experience: Are they hateful? Who are they targeting? Are they saying one group is greater than another? Do they indicate violence? The workshop will culminate in a group discussion. All answers will be incorporated as part of the research for the Online Hate Index project from ADL’s Center for Technology and Society. Internet connected device (smart phone/tablet/laptop) required.  


Examining Challenging Narratives on Israel: An Interactive Workshop

“Is Zionism racist? Can Israel be Jewish and democratic? Is criticism of Israel anti-Semitic?” These and other common assertions on Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be presented at this workshop, and participants will be encouraged to discuss these statements in a critical and open manner. This session is intended for GLI participants.

Can They Say That?  Free Speech and Hate Speech on College Campuses

Colleges and universities are experiencing a unique confluence of events: increased polarization among the student body, recruiting of college students by white supremacist groups, increased use of the heckler’s veto and violence to silence controversial speakers invited to campuses. Come discuss these trends and the challenge of simultaneously protecting free expression while maintaining an inclusive and welcoming campus climate.  

Start-up Innovation

Explore how we can utilize innovation to tackle societal challenges, including the connective tissue between government and institutions and how start-ups are playing a central role in that endeavor.

Conversations with Emerging European Leaders

Meet and engage with young European parliamentarians to discuss trends in European politics, anti-Semitism and extremism in Europe, European relations with Israel, and any other questions you have about Europe featuring Sen. Joris Poschet (Belgium), MP Daniela Kluckert (Germany), MEP Gabriela Zoana (Romania), and MEP Lukas Mandl (Austria), members of the EU40 group.


Confronting Extremism and Hate: What Would You Do?

Today, extremism and hate are more visible than ever. In this session, participants will discuss how they would respond to a range of extremist propaganda and activity, and get an inside look at the daily work of ADL’s Center on Extremism.


ADL: Innovate Against Hate – Leveraging the Power of Young People as Agents of Change

ADL recently launched a campus innovation challenge called ADL: Innovate Against Hate, designed to empower college student to be the catalysts for localized solutions to hate and extremism. Join this session to learn more about ADL's new program and how we leverage strategies developed by these teams into positive action in the community.

Making Spaces for Jews of Color and Racial Justice

A facilitated workshop to explore ways the Jewish community can be more inclusive of Jews of color and why racial justice is a Jewish concern. 


Q&A with Jonathan Greenblatt

1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Afternoon Plenary/Lunch

Presentation of the ADL William & Naomi Gorowitz Institute Service Award by Adam Gerry to J. Thomas Manger, Chief of Police, Montgomery County Department of Police


Anti-Semitism in 2018

Jonathan Weisman, Deputy Washington Editor, The New York Times; Author, (((Semitism)))

Yair Rosenberg, Senior Writer, Tablet Magazine

Bari Weiss, Staff Editor, The New York Times

Moderator: Jonathan A. Greenblatt, CEO and National Director, ADL

2:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Off-Site Visits

National Museum of African American History and Culture

Newseum with Discussion on Free Press in American

Civil Rights Walking Tour

Women Who Changed American Walking Tour

Holocaust Museum

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Israel at 70 - Motzi


My Israel Story

Ofer Erez Director, Jerusalem Open House


The Promise and Challenge of Israel

David Horovitz, Founding Editor, Times of Israel

Sharon Nazarian, SVP, International Affairs, ADL

8:00 PM

Post Dinner - Book Salon

Edward Luce, Author, The Retreat of Western Liberalism; Chief Washington Columnist and Commentator, The Financial Times

Jonathan Broder, Award-winning journalist, formerly of the Chicago Tribune, NPR and Newsweek

Sarah McBride, Author, Tomorrow Will Be Different; National Press Secretary, Human Rights Campaign

E.J. Dionne, Jr., Co-author, One Nation After Trump; Op-ed columnist, The Washington Post; Senior Fellow in Governance Studies, The Brookings Institution

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